Welcome to the Year of New Beginnings.

Much has been up in the air and the past year started off a little rocky, only to get better and better. As we all know, to bring in the new, we have to let go of the old. We all face the laws of the Universe, and we all eventually have to surrender. I have been re-evaluating all corners of my life to find it has been both painful and pleasurable, literally cleaning out my closet - mentally, spiritually and materialistically.

The reward is peace within, high energy, clear visions, an open heart and a kick ass start of the coming 2013. For those of you who remember, 1993 was the year when I released my first album as well as the dance hit "Happy". 2013 is my 20th anniversary as an artist and writer, and it is something I will celebrate big time. New collaborators, new music, new vibe, new voice but the same me. I canīt wait to share with you .... itīs gonna be sooooooo .....Ģ$%^&^"!.. good:-)

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Love from me